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WP4: MYRRHA Consortium Governance


The MYRRHA project aims to develop and to construct a world-class and first-of-a-kind nuclear research infrastructure. The design and the construction of the MYRRHA facility are particularly challenging and involve the management of a large number of activities in view of achieving scientific and technical excellence in compliance with the project budget and schedule. To meet this challenge, state-of-the-art project management procedures and instruments must be defined and deployed taking into account the constraints and the specifics of the MYRRHA project. The main objective of Work Package 4 is to outline the general MYRRHA project management approaches, principles and procedures including their documentation.

Tasks 4.1 and 4.2 of the proposed Coordination and Support action MARISA aim to develop procedures and instruments for the management of the project scope, the planning and scheduling and the financial management and the management of information related to the MYRRHA project in order to bring the MYRRHA project to a level of maturity required to enable the construction work to start.

Task 4.3 proposes to develop policies, principles and procedures for Human Resources Management considering the needs and requirements of the project as well as contingencies imposed by the consortium members or composition.

Task 4.4 defines a general framework as well as specific rules and procedures for access to the MYRRHA facility for external users.