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WP3: Legal aspects


  • In the framework of the MARISA project, the appropriate legal framework for the MYRRHA undertaking will be defined and implemented (Task 3.1).
  • Initiatives will be taken aiming at the implementation of inter-governmental agreements outlining participation in MYRRHA (Task 3.2).
  • The legal framework must be tailored to the composition and requirements of the consortium by drafting suitable Article of Associations for the MYRRHA consortium (Task 3.3).
  • Governing rules and management structure of the MYRRHA consortium (such as advisory and steering bodies) will be elaborated (Task 3.4) and finally, the drafting of the rules and procedures to be followed for managing the in-kind contribution of each of the partners of the MYRRHA consortium (Task 3.5).
Task 3.6 plans to define and to draft the general principles and specific procedures relating to Intellectual Property Rights generated by the MYRRHA Consortium and its Members. Specific rules will be drawn up regarding ownership, usage, access rights and distribution models with respect to Intellectual Property in relation to the MYRRHA R&D and engineering programme.