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WP2: Strategic planning


The MYRRHA project aims to develop and construct a fast neutron spectrum multi-purpose irradiation facility as to provide a world-class nuclear research infrastructure. Maximisation of the contribution of MYRRHA through the best use of this innovative research infrastructure is a therefore a key objective.

  • As part of WP2, a contribution of MYRRHA in the closed fuel cycle approach with an international dimensions and as European fast spectrum research facility will be evaluated (Task 2.1).
  • A roadmap for integrating different national and international research initiatives into the MYRRHA supporting R&D programme will be developed in view of creating a Centre of excellence. Synergies will be sought with existing initiatives such as ESNII, ESFRI, and SNETP (Task 2.2).
  • Furthermore, a roadmap for the establishing of the MYRRHA consortium project will be developed and implemented. It is planned to adopt a stepwise approach for establishing the MYRRHA consortium (Task 2.3).
Finally, a detailed description for using MYRRHA as international open users facility will be elaborated (Task 2.4).